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Financing for Farmers & Ranchers

Financing through CADFi is a straightforward process designed to meet your agricultural financing needs. Here are the steps:



Begin by completing the pre-qualification application, providing basic information about your farm or ranch and financing needs.


Consultation & Documentation

A CADFi representative will contact you for a consultation and request necessary documentation to assess your eligibility and loan terms.


Loan Approval & Closing

Once approved, review and accept the loan terms. Complete the closing process, including signing the loan agreement.


Funding & Payment

CADFi disburses funds to the designated parties, and you start making payments according to the agreed-upon schedule and terms.

Why CADFi?

At CADFi, we're not just another financing option; we're your agricultural financial partner, and we bring a unique approach to the table that sets us apart from traditional financing solutions. Here's why CADFi stands out:


Flexible payment terms

CADFi lets you pick payment terms, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, that match your operation's needs.


Inclusive bundling

With CADFi, it's not just about financing a truck. Bundle machinery and equipment, such as tractors, into a single, comprehensive loan.

Get Started!

It costs nothing to get pre-qualified. And there's no commitment by applying. You have nothing to lose by considering CADFi.